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Intergenerational Benefits


Mutual Benefits

Intergenerational care is not only a convenient option for those caring for both parent and child, it actually provides unique benefits unavailable in traditional day care settings.

Benefits to Seniors

  • Seniors enrolled in intergenerational programs experience enhanced socialization opportunities and develop a greater sense of engagement in their communities. 
  • They have better emotional and mental health. 
  • They experience stronger physical health. 
  • Experience a delay in mental decline.
  • Have shown a reduction in the risk of disease.
  • Often experience a lowering blood pressure. 
  • When adults serve as mentors and teachers to the children, they gained a stronger sense of purpose.

Benefits to Children

  • Children involved in intergenerational programming had improved academic performance.
  • They develop a more positive attitude to aging.
  • Where found to be more socially and personally mature than their peers.
  • Had a stronger ability to handle delayed gratification.
  • Developed a reduced bias against the elderly.
  • Show a greater sensitivity to persons with disabilities.
  • Interacting with the elderly also allows these children to get even more attention and enriching activities.


  • At no time are any of the children left alone with a senior.  All elderly, are always supervised by trained, professional staff members.  Both the senior and the children interact in safe and common area.